LIFE* Plan and Packages

1. What is the unique selling point of LIFE* Prepaid Mobile?

LIFE* Prepaid Plan is the ONLY prepaid plan that offers FREE content and access to a community e-gaming platform all-in-one when you purchase LIFE* Data Bundle Service Plans i.e. LIFE*38, LIFE*48, LIFE*58 and LIFE*68.

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2. How much is LIFE Prepaid SIM?

Upon online registration, you will have to purchase the LIFE* Data Bundle Service Plan of either LIFE*38, LIFE*48, LIFE*58 or LIFE*68. A one-time fee of RM 5.00 will be charged for the first-time registration in order to enjoy access to free content such as gaming, shopping and dining for life.

The LIFE* Prepaid starter pack costs RM8.00 which will only be paid at the collection point.

Other miscellaneous charges such as delivery fees and financial transaction charges are applicable when you checkout for payment.

The prices for all LIFE* Prepaid and Data Bundle Plan Boosters are subject to 6% SST for all foreigners only.

SIM pricing for Malaysian

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SIM Pricing for Malaysian with Delivery

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SIM Pricing for Foreigners

The prices for all LIFE prepaid Mobile and Data Bundle Plan Booster is subject to 6% SST for foreigners.

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SIM Pricing for foreigner with delivery

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