Mobile Number Portability

1. Can I port-in (MNP) my current mobile number from other telco to LIFE Prepaid mobile?

You can apply port-in to LIFE Prepaid Mobile with your existing MSISDN from your current service provider except for Digi or Digi Tone Wow mobile prepaid plan.

Please acknowledge the port-out SMS from your current mobile service provider and collect your SIM card from the location chosen.

Upon receipt the porting successful SMS notification, or when your current mobile is out of service you may start using your LIFE Prepaid Mobile Service and activate your Data Service Bundle Plan chosen via LIFE’s website.

In the event your MNP registration not successful, LIFE will refund you the amount paid in 7 working days. LIFE will only refund you the registration fee, LIFE bundle package fee and MNP registration fee paid.

2. How long does it take to port to the new provider?

The porting process will not take more than 5 business days for individual porting whereas for business porting, it will not take more than 10 business days.

3. What if I have supplementary lines under my account?

All supplementary lines have to be ported together with the principal line.

Note: If a customer fails to inform the new mobile service provider of this during the porting request, the porting request will be rejected.

4. What if one of my supplementary line holders does not want to port?

The principal line holder must visit the existing service provider to terminate the relevant supplementary line. The supplementary line holder will then need to re-register as a principal account holder. Once this process is completed, then the primary principal holder (you) can port the line.

Please refer to MCMC MNP Check guidelines in the below link.

Please refer to the video below for further explanation on MNP Process.